• Introduction

    In this course you'll learn an essential skill for researchers dealing with (spatial) data. With scripting you can better control your analysis using command line tools. You can also automate your procedures by writing batch scripts. Furthermore, you can process your data and make models using Python and its useful libraries.

    After this course you'll be able to:
    1. Manage files and folders using the command Line
    2. Use GDAL commands to convert GIS data
    3. Use the command line for batch processing
    4. Make scripts in Python
    5. Find useful libraries for Python
    6. Use PyQGIS

  • Before we can start programming we need to learn how to navigate to our files and folders using the ...
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  • After learning the basic command line commands, we can use the command line to execute other command...

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  • Now we know how to use the Command Line, navigate through are files and directories, understand ab...

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