Topic outline

  • During this workshop you'll learn how to use PCRaster for hydrological analysis and modelling through the QGIS PCRaster Tools plugin and Python.

    PCRaster is a powerful package of software for map algebra, dynamic and stochastic modelling. The main applications of PCRaster are found in environmental modelling, e.g. geography, hydrology, ecology. PCRaster has been around since 1995 and available as a free tool. Nowadays it is a robust open source Python package used by many modellers around the world. In September 2021 the PCRaster Tools plugin for QGIS was launched, a processing provider plugin that adds ~100 map algebra operators to the QGIS Processing Toolbox.

    During the workshop you'll be introduced to PCRaster through the PCRaster Tools plugin. Next, we'll automate work flows using the QGIS graphical modeller, followed by developing PCRaster Python scripts. Finally, you'll develop a spatial dynamic model.