2. Project preparation

2.4. Adding Map Themes

To facilitate the changing of background maps, we can configure map themes in our QGIS project.

With map themes you can show only visible layers that are stored in a theme.

All our themes need the survey layer (Survey) on top, followed by the Bangula_study_area layer.

We'll make map themes to show them on:

  • Google Satellite online
  • Google Satellite offline
  • OSM online
  • OSM offline
Let's start with the first one:
1. In the Layers panel organise the layers in such a way that Survey is on top, followed by Bangula_study_area and then Google Satellite (online version).
2. Make sure that these layers are visible by checking the boxes and the others are not visible by unchecking the boxes.

3. Click the Manage Map Themes button Manage map themes button and choose Add theme...

4. Save the theme as Satellite (online) and click OK.

5. Repeat the steps for OSM (online). Make sure the layers are checked like this:

6. Repeat for the offline layers so in the end you have the following map themes:

These themes can later be chosen in the Input app.

7. Save the project as a .qgz file. Input doesn't support projects that are saved in a GeoPackage. In the main menu go to Project | Save as... and save it as Bangula_groundwater_survey.qgz in the folder where the project data is stored.