2. Download PCRaster PyQGIS Scripts

The best way to start making your own PCRaster PyQGIS scripts is by editing an existing one. You can download existing scripts from the PCRaster QGIS Resource Sharing repository.

1. Start QGIS Desktop.

2. Install the QGIS Resource Sharing plugin from the Plugins manager.

3. Click the icon that has been added to the toolbar.

4. In the QGIS Resource Sharing dialog, go to the Settings tab.

5. Click Add repository....

6. In the Repository Details type PCRaster at Name and paste this URL: https://github.com/jvdkwast/qgisrepository.git.

7. Click OK.

8. Go to the All collections tab and Install the QGIS PCRaster user script collection (PCRaster).

A popup indicates how many processing scripts have been added to the Processing Toolbox.

9. Close the dialogs.

10. Go to the Processing Toolbox and expand the Scripts | PCRaster User Scripts sections to see the added tools.

Next, we're going to edit an existing script to create our own tool.