6. Share your tool with other users

You can now share your new tool with other users through the PCRaster QGIS Resource Sharing repository.

1. In the web browser, go to the PCRaster QGIS Resource Sharing repository: https://github.com/jvdkwast/qgisrepository.

2. Go to the folder collections/qgis_pcrasteruserscripts/processing.

2. In QGIS locate the folder where the script is stored. In the main menu go to Settings | User Profiles | Open Active Profile Folder.

3. Drag the Python script from the local folder to the GitHub folder. You might need to do this twice to add the file and see this:

4. Type some comments on what you're submitting and select to create a pull request.

5. Click Propose changes and the script will be added after a review.

Other users can now find the script through the QGIS Resource Sharing plugin.