Tutorial: Map Algebra with PCRaster Python

6. Stream and Catchment Delineation

To run the Jupyter Notebook of this tutorial make sure you have followed the instructions for installing Anaconda and downloading the tutorials as explained before. We assume that you're in the Anaconda prompt and that you're in the tutorials environment.

  1. Go to the subdirectory \PCRasterTutorials\PCRasterCatchmentDelineation
  2. Run the command
    jupyter notebook
  3. In the internet browser click on ContentsCatchmentDelineation.ipynb and follow the tutorial.

This tutorial uses data (included in the Data folder) from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission: SRTM 1-Arc Second. If you want to apply it to other areas, you can download the data from USGS Earth Explorer.

This video shows the exercise using the Spyder IDE: