4. Setting up a local Python environment with Mamba

4.1. Install Mamba

A package manager is a tool that allows you to manage the dependencies for your project that are not part of the Python standard library. Dependencies are code that is required for your program to function properly, often in the form of packages.

Pip is the most popular package manager for Python, which can install packages from many sources. The Python Package Index, PyPI, is the primary source. 

Although Pip is fine for general Python computing, it is preferred to use package managers that can create isolated environments that can be used to manage dependencies for different projects. Conda is the most popular one. A newer package manager is Mamba, which is faster than conda.

1. Download the Mambaforge installer for Windows from the official Miniforge GitHub repository.

2. Install Mambaforge. Follow these instructions from the excellent tutorial by Christian Mills.